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"The combination of the two tenors is extraordinary....The Music is spirited and passionate throughout."



our music

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 is now out on Shifting Paradigm Records

also available on itunes

Recorded in Chicago, Il at Minbal Studios, "Mandala" is a recording that captures six years of composition, development of sound, and the friendship of Artie Black and Hunter Diamond.


album preview



Filmed live at Minbal Studios in Chicago on December 13th, 2016 by Sydney O'haire and Theo Schuller. 

Rtisan Interview 8.25.17


Western Penn Tour

Jeremy Catledge at Rtistan asked us about the Chicago music scene, our influences and mentors, artistic goals, and our experiences studying with Dr. David Baker at Indiana University. The full interview is available on Youtube


We recently visited Artie's hometown of Butler, PA for some performances and teaching. Read more.

Mandala Released!

We are thrilled that our debut record, Mandala, is officially out as of August 11th, 2017. Released on the Minneapolis jazz/experimental label Shifting Paradigm Records, it is now available through their website and iTunes. Read more.

Live Recording Residency Announced

in January 2018, we will be playing every Tuesday at one of our favorite venues and bars in chicago, The Whistler. Read more.